Located in the heart of city beautiful Bareilly, RBL Public School is a day school with facilities. The architectural design of the school has been drafted with great forethought and imagination to cater to the ever-growing, challenging modern teaching and learning needs.

RBL Public School recognizes that the infrastructure is an integral part of the Schools. Our campus is student-friendly, students become aware from the outset that learning can and should be ‘Anywhere-Anytime’.

RBL is renowned for its excellence in education; RBL prides itself on being a small family-style school where students are treated with equal compassion. RBL maintains the latest computer learning aids, outdoor and indoor spaces for play, recreation and learning.

RBL Public School is a place for children to grow and develop. The curriculum at RBL especially provides students with many experiences through activities, excursions and sports. Fundamental to its success is the strong belief that each child is a unique individual with differing needs.