Director Message

"शिक्षा मनुष्य की अननिर्हित शक्तियों का विकास है"
- विवेकानंद

For us, education is more than the curriculum, as we are firmly believe in grooming our children with right values, right ethics, right attitude thereby assuring that they are responsible, competent, honest, human, enterprising, perseptive ans emotionally strong individuals of tomorrow.

It is an absolute joy to see our children's growth and a pleasure to discover the new things that they learn everyday. It is natural for children to be curious and when one is curious, he finds lots of interesting things to do. He keeps moving forward opening new horizons and accommodate greater high of success.

At RBL Public School, we plan to engage children into a wide variety of activities so that they explore and experience new things. This helps us to discover their talent. RBL Public School offers children the opportunity to develope their individual talent in a secure, caring environment and gives them confident to start a happy school life.

We welcome you to explore children's overall growth in a well equipped environment.

Mr. Ankur Gupta